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Family/Guardian Information
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Western State Hospital
2400 Russellville Road
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
Phone: (270) 889-6025

Facility Director
Rebecca Frost
(270) 889-2743

Assistant Director
Dominic English
(270) 889-2865

Patient Visitation Guidelines

In order to protect the privacy, health and welfare of the patients, visitors and employees of Western State Hospital, please be advised of the following Visitor Safety Regulations:

  1. What you see and hear at WSH is confidential. This means it is private and that the privacy is protected by federal law. For the dignity of the people we serve and your own legal protection, keep confidential any information you see, hear, or receive while on hospital grounds. Because of confidentiality, cameras and video recorders should not be taken to units or used while you are on grounds.
  2. Be aware of your vehicle and what might be in it. When you exit your vehicle, roll up windows, turn off the engine, remove the keys, and lock the vehicle. Make sure that chemicals, tools, or other potentially dangerous items are not left in the open beds of trucks or other open areas of your vehicle.
  3. We provide for the basic needs of everyone who receives treatment at WSH while the person is in the hospital. There is no need to bring clothing, food, jewelry, cosmetics, or money to the person with whom you are visiting. If you feel strongly about giving one of these items to a person with whom you are visiting, please ask the unit Registered Nurse first. The nurse can store the item until the person's treatment team decides if the item would be safe or helpful, or if it should be returned to you.
  4. Please do not attempt to give alcohol, drugs (including prescription medications from home or over-the-counter medications), lighters, matches, nail files, aerosol cans, razors, or weapons of any sort to people served at WSH. These items are dangerous and therefore prohibited, and should not be taken on units or into areas where people are served. Lockers with keys are provided for your convenience to leave these items at the desk before you are taken to the unit. You may also store other personal possessions in these lockers for added safety and convenience.
  5. It is not helpful to sell items to or buy items from people admitted here. If someone tries to sell something to you or buy something from you while you are on grounds, please do not agree to do this, and seek assistance from the unit Registered Nurse or the nearest security officer.
  6. WSH is a Tobacco-Free Facility. We provide medical coverage for nicotine withdrawal for any person admitted, if the person requests this help. For the safety and well-being of the people we serve, no one smokes on grounds, even in vehicles. We ask that you join us in self-restraint with respect to use of tobacco products on grounds, so that the people we serve have the best possible chance to recover.
  7. Visiting Hours are 9:30 am – 8:30 pm. If you need to visit outside of this time, please talk to the unit's Registered Nurse ahead of time, so the nurse can speak to the treatment team to arrange this. Since treatment is the priority of any hospital, we typically do not interrupt treatment or stop treatment for visits. The person you are visiting may have to leave to attend treatment at any time during your visit. Also, please do not take any person served at WSH off hospital grounds without prior approval from the person's physician.
  8. If you have safety concerns, grievances, or complaints about situations or people at WSH, we encourage you to report them to the Chaplain, Risk Manager, or any member of WSH's Quality Support Services team.

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Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Campus
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